The story of this house says that it was built in 1917 and it was an apple and plum orchard. Records show payment of property tax til 1923. I have tried to find information in between but have not been successful. In 1971 this couple bought the house, which was, by then, divided into 2 apartments, one above and one below with a shared bathroom. By 1979, the couple sold it to a widower with 6 kids, who then turned it into a single unit house again.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

My advent calendar

I thought about buying one of those silly cardboard-ready-made advent calendars that will only reveal a chocolate behind each little door representing a day closer to the birth of Jesus Christ.  That´s how I remembered my childhood advent calendars. But then I realize that a child is a child only once and as every year passes, her memories will be different each time.  So why not make something different out of it? Take advantage of the Christmas season to have a little bit of fun and give our imagination a bit of a boost. This is what the calendar ended up looking like:

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