The story of this house says that it was built in 1917 and it was an apple and plum orchard. Records show payment of property tax til 1923. I have tried to find information in between but have not been successful. In 1971 this couple bought the house, which was, by then, divided into 2 apartments, one above and one below with a shared bathroom. By 1979, the couple sold it to a widower with 6 kids, who then turned it into a single unit house again.

My baby

Slik det ser ut akkurat nå: bestemor sitt rom. Min visjon: natur og dyr med en jentete touch lille verden
The way it looks right now: granny's room. My vision: nature and animals with a girly touch little world!
Den gule er UT! Loving det skrå taket der som jeg har tenkt å sette henne lille sengen akkurat der den nåværende er. Men så, jeg har tenkt å henge fra taket en gardin av tyll med sommerfugler og blomster å gi henne det lille helligdommen plass som forhåpentligvis vil gjøre henne sove i egen seng ...
Nasty grønne teppet ut og inn kommer den vakre gulvbordene.
Tjodheim vil puste igjen!

The yellow is OUT!  Loving the slanted roof there as I plan to put her little bed right where the current one is. But then, I intend to hang from the ceiling a curtain of tulle with butterflies and flowers to give her that little sanctuary space that will hopefully make her sleep in her own bed...
Nasty green carpet is out and in come the lovely floorboards.
Tjodheim will breathe again!