The story of this house says that it was built in 1917 and it was an apple and plum orchard. Records show payment of property tax til 1923. I have tried to find information in between but have not been successful. In 1971 this couple bought the house, which was, by then, divided into 2 apartments, one above and one below with a shared bathroom. By 1979, the couple sold it to a widower with 6 kids, who then turned it into a single unit house again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My newest Project

The Kitchen!

The old kitchen was just unbearable so I had to do something about it.  Before moving in, I made sure that all the floors were in place, I guess one can live without a dream kitchen for a few months or even a year!

This is the dining area. Notice the carpet.
Oh, and the green color on the walls!

This is the kitchen, next to the dining area but there is no carpet, instead there is some cheap vinyl that simulates wood panels. And the furniture is some real vintage 1950's stuff. Very little space and countertops made of some formica that was all cracked up.

There was also an antique fireplace next to the kitchen but it had not been in use for many, many years because of the problem with the chimney needing to be rehabilitated. It is a pretty compact kitchen

The plan is to remove the wall on the side where the fireplace is, the left.  Once that wall is knocked down then it can connect to the living room, giving me more space to see Isabelle when she is up to mischief.  :)
 This is it, wall knocked down, kitchen in state of chaos and once you get started, you can only keep moving forward.

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